Character building for Christian children.

This post will contain links to websites, books, articles and the like that I come across
which pertain to the Christian family.
There will be all kinds of different things, and maybe if I get enough I’ll do a separate post for each topic, boyandgirlbut for now, I’ll just stick them all in here where they are easily found. (I will add to this as I find more.)
My hope for this is to encourage parents to build their children up in the Lord, which is something I really wish I had growing up, but I was not brought up in a Christian home.
I hope to adhere to this following verse with my own children in the hopes that they will follow the Lord and grow up in Him.
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

These next links are from a blog I really enjoy, Deep Roots At Home. At first I didn’t think it would be any good for me as I am a sole parent. But the more I read of Jacqueline’s blog the more I liked, so I ‘liked’ her facebook page and am so glad I did.

Character building books for boys.  

Character building books for girls.

I bought some of the ‘Miller’s’ books last year and have started using them as devotionals each night before my chDSCF1123ildren go to bed. I’ve found that by doing this, we remember the stories the next day and we can then be reminded of the verse in each story. I find that most of the stories we can relate to, even in the book ‘Schooldays’. We homeschool, but those stories/verses can be applied to church, outings and just friends in general. They are so good because they get the children’s attention because the stories are about children. I highly recommend these books. I will be purchasing more when I can.

I am in the process of reviewing “Lads and Ladies of Wisdom” from Kathie Morrisey over at The Character Corner.
I have been meaning to do the one before this one (Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue), but have never got aroundwisdompic to it. This one has been given to me to review, so I have extra incentive to get it done. lol But in all seriousness, it looks so easy for someone like me to do. I can be quite disorganised and struggle to find the time to do hands on things like this (it also comes with activity pages for the youngsters), but this is easy enough for this disorganised, homeschooling mama to do.
I look forward to continuing on with the rest and starting the previous one.
Stay tuned for updates as I go. 🙂

UPDATE I have done a review of the curriculum, and I love it.
Here’s the link.
Also, if you have a look and decide you think you would like to purchase it, you can purchase it through this link here. It is an affiliate link, so I will earn a small percentage from the sale if you go through me. (Which of course you don’t have to, but it will certainly help.) 🙂

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